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PS2 classic Star Wars Bounty Hunter is back and coming to Steam

Iconic PS2 game Star Wars Bounty Hunter is returning with a modern remaster of the classic action-adventure game coming to Steam in August.

PS2 classic Star Wars Bounty Hunter is back and coming to Steam - Jango Fett aims his signature dual blaster pistols.

Determining the best Star Wars games of all time is a tough choice. From classics like Knights of the Old Republic, Tie Fighter, and Battlefront 2 to the modern day and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, we’re spoilt for choice. Picking your favorite Star Wars game is a little easier, though, and while I had a great time with MMORPG The Old Republic I have an extreme fondness for Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, the 2002 PlayStation 2 and GameCube game. I’m cautiously excited, then, by news of its return as a remastered version coming to Steam.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter follows the iconic Mandalorian freelancer Jango Fett prior to his initial appearance in the second film of the prequel trilogy, Attack of the Clones. It’s a fairly straightforward action-adventure game with some platforming and stealth elements that let you make use of Fett’s trademark range of tools – including his signature jetpack and twin blaster pistols – to explore all manner of Star Wars locations in search of a big payday.

Along with your main charge, you also have the ability to scan environments as you explore and pick out any other targets with a bounty on their head. While the action might not hold up to the high standards of modern shooters, it was more than satisfying enough to keep me going back in the day, especially as someone who’s always had a preference for Star Wars stories that let you take control of characters outside of the Jedi Order.

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The remastered version comes from developer Aspyr in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games, and includes “visual enhancements, improved environmental textures, new dynamic lighting effects, and a new flashlight tool for navigating dark places.”

Aspyr’s previous remaster was notable for a troubled launch that plunged Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection reviews to a 19% low on Steam. A lot of the major complaints there were a result of the game’s online connection and server infrastructure, so hopefully Bounty Hunter will fare better as a single-player game.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunter launches Thursday August 1 on Steam alongside consoles, with a 10% discount available for pre-ordering. Expect to pay $17.99 / £15.07 if you buy it before launch, then, or $19.99 / £16.75 after that. Head here to take a look for yourself.

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