Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gorgara boss fight walkthrough

Take on the winged demon on Dathomir with our tips on how to defeat Gorgara


Looking for tips on how to defeat Gorgara in Jedi: Fallen Order? You’ll find this boss in Chapter Five, lurking in the temple on Dathomir.

This guide contains story spoilers, so only read on if you’re ready for the Gorgara fight and want to be prepared, or if it’s killed you a few times and you’re stumped on how to defeat this monstrous bat-like critter.

Gorgara will descend from the shadows of the temple and unlike her adorable appearance may suggest, she’s not okay with Cal rifling around her lair and things will get ugly. The arena where you’ll initially fight Gorgara has limited space, and due to Gorgara’s large size, this can make avoiding her winged swipes and deathly charges a difficult challenge. But, here’s how to beat Gorgara in Jedi: Fallen Order and when you should dodge, block, and use the Force.

How to beat Gorgara in Jedi: Fallen Order

Once in battle, Gorgara will slam her wings into the ground, and luckily due to her size and weight, she’s not the quickest or most agile boss you’ll fight. When she does this, you’ll have some time to hit the wing. When you hit her wing, she’ll retaliate with another hit, attack the wing again to stun her.

Now she’s stunned (she’ll be highlighted in blue) use Force Pull to slam her down to the ground for maximum damage, and then approach her to get a few more hits in on her head.

She’ll retreat, by flying to the opposite side of the arena, where she’ll throw echo blasts at you, which you’ll need to evade expertly by dodging from left to right. She’ll follow this up with a ground slam, use Force Flip to jump over the shockwave from this ground slam, as it will travel across the entire arena. Once you land, get in a few more hits.

Once Gorgara’s health has depleted, she’ll quickly change tactics and start trampling across the arena towards you, multiple times. Use Force Slow to give yourself time to sprint away. We really don’t suggest attacking when she’s doing this.

As Gorgara realises the jig is up, she won’t go down easily. She’ll perform two ground slams in a row, so you’ll need to Force Flip to avoid both of these attacks.

As a wounded Gorgara retreats through an exposed escape route, you better believe she’ll be back later with a slither of health and a penchant for your blood.

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