Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Taron Malicos boss fight walkthrough

Take on the former Jedi with our tips on how to defeat Taron Malicos


Need tips on how to defeat the Jedi: Fallen Malicos boss? If you’ve not met Taron Malicos yet, check back when you have to avoid story spoilers.

This guide contains major story spoilers, so don’t read on if you want unless you’re either ready for this boss fight or you’re happy to ruin it for yourself. When you first encounter Malicos on the planet Dathomir, he’ll hide behind the pretence of being a traveler studying ‘many things’ and yes, one of those things happens to be the Nightsisters. He’ll warn you against going into the ruins, but off you’ll scamper anyway. On your way back, he’ll be leaning against the same wall with an ‘I told you so’ grin worn across his face. Now Cal’s had enough of his guff and asks him who he really is, he’ll reveal himself as former Jedi and leader of the Nightbrothers, Taron Malicos. After a slim escape against the undead army of Nightsisters, you won’t see Malicos again until later in the game.

The next time you encounter Malicos, it’ll have boss fight written all over it. Cue prior warning from Merrin, an ominous atmosphere, and Malicos standing in what’s quite obviously a boss arena.

How to defeat Malicos in Jedi: Fallen Order

Malicos will have a number of attacks that you’ll either need to block or parry throughout the fight. Here are a number of ways you can win the fight against him.

When Malicos parries you, he will attack straight away, be ready to block or parry this attack. As the fight ensues, he’ll jump in the air when he attacks – you won’t be able to block this and you’ll need to time your dodges well to avoid taking a hit.

When Malicos reaches half health, his attack combos lengthen, so you’ll need to wait this out before trying to get a strike in. Occasionally, Malicos will lift a rock into the air and hurl it at you, so use Force Push to throw it back at him for a solid amount of damage. Make sure to charge Force Push ahead of time. If Malicos throws multiple rocks, simply dodge out of the way until the final throw, as this will give Force Push time to charge.

Parrying Malicos’ lightsaber attacks gives you time to rush at him and land unblocked hits.The best attacks to use are your Force powers and double-bladed lightsaber attacks, as they will deal the most damage after you deplete Malicos’ stamina meter

You can always use Force Slow during his attacks to give yourself a breather, or get in an extra attack. Malicos will resist all your Force powers unless he has started attacking, so it’s worth noting that you won’t be able to use these whenever you want.

If you’re still having trouble defeating Malicos in Jedi: Fallen Order, you can adjust the difficulty settings at any point in the game.

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