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How to complete the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Reason

There are many High Republic Chambers to complete in Jedi Survivor, and the Chamber of Reason has proven to be quite the challenge.

Wondering how to complete the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Reason? The Chamber of Reason in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is one of the High Republic Chambers, also known as Jedi Temples. Found in the Basalt Rift area of Koboh, you’ll have to traverse the ruins by way of conduits and makeshift bridges. Our guide discusses this particular location, as well as the puzzles and rewards you can find therein.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Reason is just one of many interesting areas in the Star Wars game, alongside puzzles such as the Crypt of Uhrma and Harvest Ridge.


How to find the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Reason

The Chamber of Reason is found in the Basalt Rift zone. You’ll go here as part of the main quest, although you’ll be led down the lower path to the Forest Array. However, if you follow the sloping path upward, you’ll reach a junction with a Mogu. The cliff to your right, meanwhile, has a rope that you can pull, and you’ll be able to land in front of the temple’s entrance safely.

A map shows the location of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Reason

How to solve the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Reason puzzle

Once you’re inside, climb down the rope. You’ll notice an orb, a lever, and a pedestal. Make sure the pedestal is on the right-hand side, then drop the orb there. It will form a bridge, allowing you to grab a second orb.

Next, pull the lever to form the bridge along the left-hand side. Bring the second orb to the opposite section and ride the lift. You can then place it on the pedestal here, then move that device to the right so it forms a new pathway.

Orbs form bridges in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Reason

Also, don’t forget to tag a couple of Echoes here: Talk of the Future and the Ghosts of Khri. As you walk across, you can pull the initial orb to you, then bring it to the next pedestal. You can grab the Dead End Echo there.

Next, pull the lever, causing the lift and pedestal to rise. This will form the bridge along the upper area. Loop around to pick up two more Echoes: In Good Time and Secret Meeting. There’s also a Datadisc at the far edge.

A glowing orb in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Reason

Now, before you continue, you’ve probably noticed a small room with a barrier. You can remove the orb from the pedestal, then chunk it at an arc through the opening. This will cause the barriers to drop, allowing you to pick up the Diligence Lightsaber emitter, one of the Lightsaber parts available in the game.

When you’re done, throw the orb across the gap onto the next pedestal (the guiding line should turn purple so you know it will latch on). This allows you to pick up the Dexterity perk, which increases the damage of your Lightsaber throws. You can learn more about these passives in our perks guide.

Cal Kestis completes the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Reason

Finally, just pull the lever to create a bridgeway to the entrance to this temple. That’s it, you’ve completed the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Reason.

This is just one particular High Republic Chamber in the game. You can learn more in our High Republic Chambers guide. For everything else about Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you can visit our walkthrough and guides hub, or spend some time looking for the Jedi robes set to be as fashionable as possible throughout your adventures.