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How to heal in Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Stim Canisters and max health

Knowing how to heal in Star Wars Jedi Survivor when you’re up against an army of troopers or droids could save your life, so here’s what you need to know.

How to heal in Jedi survivor: Cal Kestis appears in front of a towering enemy, after facing which he'll likely need a stim canister.

Need to know how to heal in Star Wars Jedi Survivor? A quick stim injection could save your life in the action-adventure game, so it’s essential to know how to heal Cal Kestis in a pinch. You can also upgrade your max health and find additional Stim Canisters across the galaxy.

There are plenty of aggressive Star Wars Jedi Survivor enemies waiting for you across the game’s many planets, as well as some terrifying bosses, so healing is an essential mechanic in your journey across the universe in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Healing itself is pretty simple, but among all those Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles you’re picking up, keep an eye out for crucial healing items. Keep Cal Kestis alive for as long as possible with our guide on how to heal in Jedi: Survivor, including everything you need to know about Stim Canisters and max health upgrades.

Cal Kestis stands in front of a meditation point where yuo can restore your Stim Canisters in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

How to heal in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

To heal in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, press Q, or the up button on your d-pad if you’re using a controller. This will consume a Stim Canister to restore health to your max health bar. You can see how many Stim Canisters you have remaining in the HUD in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, alongside your two Star Wars Jedi Survivor lightsaber stances, and your BD-1 command.

You can restore your Stim Canisters by taking a rest at a meditation area, so be sure to reset them when needed.

Cal Kestis stands in front of a yellow container where you can pick up Jedi Survivor stim canisters to heal, text reads "Max Stims increased".

Stim Canister locations

You start Survivor with two Stim Canisters in your inventory, but can add to these by finding them in various locations around the world. Add to these by picking up Stim Canisters from yellow containers in the following locations:

  • Coruscant: Undercity industry, Undercity Meats.
  • Jedha: in the Sheltered Hollow in the Narkis Desert, following the AT-ST battle.
  • Koboh: Mountain observatory understructure.

How to heal in Jedi Survivor: Cal Kestis kneels before a purple glow, text reads: "Health Essence acquired".

Max health essence upgrades

Stim canisters will restore some of your maximum health, which itself can be increased by collecting health essence. It’s quite simple – the more health essence you pick up, the higher your max health, and the longer you stay alive. These max health upgrades are well hidden, so make sure you explore every nook and cranny of the universe.

Health essence will appear as a light blue orb on the ground. Interacting with these orbs can reward you with skill points – which are used to re-spec and can be carried forward into the new game plus mode, Force power upgrades, or a max health upgrade. You won’t know which it is until you interact with it though, so make sure you gather them all.

Now you know how to heal in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, it is simply a case of keeping an eye on your health and making sure you don’t run out of Stim Canisters – so use them carefully. Among the other collectibles in the Star Wars game are different Star Wars Jedi Survivor Cal Kestis cosmetics, BD-1 cosmetics to customise your companion, and even Blaster parts to improve one of the game’s best weapons.