Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedha guide

Everything you should know that Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedha has to offer, including collectibles, upgrades, bosses, puzzle locations and more.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedha - Cal and another person are talking in a cave.

Want to know what Jedha in Star Wars Jedi Survivor has to offer? Technically, Jedha is a lunar colony rather than a planet, but it’s known by a few names in the Star Wars canon: Pilgrim Moon, Cold Moon, and Kyber Heart. However, all of them refer to the same, small desert moon which, at this point in the Star Wars timeline, still orbits the crystalline planet NaJedha. The Galactic Empire occupied this place to control the output of Kyber crystals, once used by the Jedi Order to construct lightsabers.

While its fate is ultimately grim as a test subject for the Death Star’s planet-destroying laser, Jedha is still a breathable Star Wars Jedi Survivor planet for you to explore in the Star Wars game. It’s one of the larger areas to explore, so we’ve collated all of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor collectibles, upgrades, and other points of interest on Jedha for you to find.

The map screen showing Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedha, alongside a completion percentage of the planet explored.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedha collectibles

As this is one of the larger areas in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, we figure that it’s best to separate everything you can find there to easily see them at a glance.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedha - Cal is pointing a blaster he's just received from an ally. The other two look on as he points it away from them.

Jedha upgrades

There are two unmissable upgrades to get on Jedha. First, Merrin has the Blaster stance to give you after the storm section, where you fight the AT-ST. You can also get the Air Dash traversal ability during the second main quest on Jedha when you return to the planet later in the game.

However, there’s one more secret upgrade you can find here. Upon your second visit to Jedha, you can get Merrin’s Magicked Charm after finishing the Sanctuary Temple section. This allows you to dash through green laser doors found on all planets, making return trips to worlds you’ve already been to a fruitful endeavour.

Spamels are the mount you can find wandering around Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedha. They look like very long, spindly, and derpy greyhounds.

Jedha mounts

You can find one of the many Star Wars Jedi Survivor mounts here. Upon your first visit to Jedha with Merrin, you’ll find the Spamel. These are your go-to way for traversing across the desert.

Jedha workbench locations

There are a total of seven workbenches in Jedha. Here is the complete list:

  • Ancient Ruins
  • Narkis Desert
  • Narkis Highlands
  • Pilgrim’s Passage
  • Trailhead Pantheon
  • Pilgrim’s Sanctuary
  • Sanctuary Temple

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedha - Cal is running with his lightsaber drawn towards an AT-ST in a sandstorm.

Jedha bosses

Here is the list of all the Star Wars Jedi Survivor bosses you can fight on Jedha:

  • Skriton – found in the Hall of Ranvell in the Ancient Ruins.
  • AT-ST – this is a mandatory fight during the story as a storm sets in.

Jedha collectibles

So far, we’ve only found one of the Jedha scrolls, but there’s likely plenty more hidden on the planet. Here’s what we have so far:

  • Jedha scrolls #1 – inside Cere’s base. You’ll need to solve a puzzle to access this.

Jedha Stim Canisters

The Star Wars Jedi Survivors Stim Canisters give you more healing charges that BD-1 can give you before you need to head towards a meditation point. There are two Canisters you can find on Jedha, one of which is unmissable and one requires you to solve a puzzle.

Sheltered Hollow

  • After fighting the AT-ST, this is in the tunnel you enter in the next scene. It’s hard to miss.

Crypt of Uhrma

  • Inside the Crypt of Uhrma, head along the main pathway until you see a crumbled podium. This has the answer to the puzzle, which, upon completion, will reveal the Stim Canister.

In the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Jedha area, there is an ancient wall that Cal needs to pass.

Jedha puzzles

There are three main puzzles on Jedha, each unlocking valuable upgrades and collectibles required to 100% the game. You can find them at the Ancient Ruins Wall, Cere’s base, and a coffin you find along the Pilgrim’s Path.

Now that you know what is on Jedha in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you may wish to have a closer look at some of the other planets. We recommend taking a deeper dive into Coruscant, Koboh, Nova Garon, and Tanalorr to see if there are any more hidden secrets for you to discover in the RPG game. You can also head to our Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough hub for everything else you may have missed.