Knights of the Old Republic remake called Apeiron looks gorgeous

kotor remake

If your favourite games won’t get remade by the companies that own them, hell, why not just do it yourself? That’s the philosophy of Poem Studios when it comes to Apeiron, their remake and remaster of Knights of the Old Republic. They say that along with recreating the base game they plan to add “new worlds, missions, HUD, inventory, items, and companions.” It’s a big project, and they’re only just getting started.

Which of the best RPGs would you like to see remade, officially or otherwise?

So far they have a lot of HD environments in Unreal 4 and plans to keep expanding it. The folks working on it are a team of programmers, artists and others from Poem Studios, who don’t seem to have done much before this project as far as a google search could tell. They do want to expand though, and encourage anyone who thinks they could help out to e-mail them [email protected].

The legality of all this, they say, is fine. I don’t want to doubt them, but it’s rather clear from their answers to proposed questions around this that they haven’t been in contact with Disney or anyone else who might be able to pass judgement. They say that “Remakes of games have been around since the 80’s and some have become very successful.” and “Since the game is still under intellectual property by Disney we are allowed to make the game, but we are not allowed to sell it. So the entire game will be 100% FREE!”

Read more, and have a look at some more very pretty environments on the official site. They also have a Twitch channel set up where they stream their development work, but don’t seem to have archives turned on so you can’t take a look at what they’ve done so far. Their official Twitter has some more images and descriptions on it as well.