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The best Star Wars game is reportedly getting a remake

Revan might just live again

There are a lot of contenders for the crown when it comes to the best Star Wars games, like Empire at War, Stellaris, and Civilization 6. But with apologies to Joe’s now-venerable gag about the best interactive adventures in the galaxy far, far away, the actual best Star Wars game is Knights of the Old Republic, and rumours of a remake have just gotten a lot more solid.

These rumours go back a few months. In a ResetEra thread speculating on a potential KOTOR remake, game industry insider Jason Schreier suggested that “nobody is going to guess” the developer of such a project correctly. And as VGC reported in January, Star Wars insider Bespin Bulletin backed up the idea that a Knights of the Old Republic project is in development.

Asked about the KOTOR in a MinnMax interview this week, Schreier confirms that “there is something there. It’s real.” Later in the interview, Schreier also says that Aspyr is the studio behind this remake. Aspyr has predominantly been known as a port house, and has handled Mac and mobile versions of KOTOR in the past, as well as more recent console versions of classic Star Wars titles including Episode I – Racer, Jedi Academy, and Republic Commando.

You can see the interview for yourself below, with the relevant bits at the 2:31 and 58:30 marks.

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The thing Schreier’s comments don’t really address is the scope of this reimagined KOTOR – is it actually a full remake, or more of a limited-scope remaster? Either way, the new Lucasfilm Games initiative appears to be paying dividends already, with an open-world Star Wars game in development at Ubisoft, and an apparent willingness to revisit some of the most beloved entries in the old canon. And honestly, a Knights of the High Republic-themed follow-up wouldn’t be so bad, either.