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This player did a glitchless KOTOR speedrun in under 2 hours

A runner has broken the KOTOR speedrun world record, glitchless, in less than two hours. Knights of the Old Republic so quick? Impressive, most impressive

Statement - this KOTOR speedrun world record is impressive, master

Statement: a player has broken the KOTOR speedrun world record with a time of under two hours, which was an Any% run without any glitches or mind tricks used – so, they just played through one of the best Star Wars games on PC and managed to complete it in less time than most of us spent on Taris alone.

It’s one of the best RPGs on PC, and with the upcoming Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake still on the far horizon, we can understand fans wanting to play the original game. However, others are using the time to speedrun Bioware’s massive space game, and these runners are now managing to complete KOTOR in under two hours.

The current world record holder is Seraphim (thanks, TheGamer), who managed to clear KOTOR in a glitchless Any% playthrough in just one hour, 51 minutes. It took them just 23 minutes to clear Taris, one hour and 17 minutes to reach the iconic Revan reveal, and less than two minutes to beat Darth Malak.

You can check out the full run below, which beats the previous world record of one hour and 52 minutes achieved by speedrunner R4NG3.

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