Star Wars Outlaws release date estimate, trailers, and latest news

Everything you need to know about the Star Wars Outlaws, the open-world game coming next year including characters, story, and the latest trailers.

Star Wars Outlaws release date, gameplay, story

What is the Star Wars Outlaws release date? Ubisoft is dipping its toe into the galaxy far, far away, and recently gave us a glimpse of everything we can expect from its upcoming Star Wars game. Massive Entertainment, the team behind The Division series and the Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora game, has been working on Star Wars Outlaws since 2021.

In classic Ubisoft style, Star Wars Outlaws will be an open-world game, with action-adventure elements and a single-player experience. The story itself takes place between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, and centers around Kay Vess and her companion, Nix, as they take on a huge heist in the galaxy.

Star Wars Outlaws release date estimate

Ubisoft has confirmed that it is planning for a Star Wars Outlaws release date in 2024, with March 2024 being the last month in that particular fiscal year.

The game’s tentative release date of 2024 was revealed at the Xbox Showcase, but sources close to Kotaku say Ubisoft wants to release Star Wars Outlaws during the current fiscal year.

With Ubisoft having no qualms about delaying Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora to make it perfect, Ubisoft may miss the 2024 release window to make Outlaws as polished as can be.

Star Wars Outlaws trailers

There are two Star Wars Outlaws trailers so far, one revealing the game and a more in-depth look at the gameplay at the Xbox Showcase. We know so far that Kay Vess is on the run, a wanted outlaw who needs to pull off one last heist to free herself.

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With the help of some companions including ND-5, a suave android with a killer coat and a sultry voice (that the interest apparently has the hots for), and the aforementioned little critter Nix who can be a useful ally in combat and exploring the world.

Star Wars Outlaws gameplay

The game takes place in a time of civil unrest, where outlaws are thriving, enter Kay Vess and her furry sidekick, Nix. From the gameplay reveal we can see Kay using stealth mechanics to creep around a guarded facility. She punches one guard in the face, but as things heat up, Kay can send out Nix to attack cards or interact with controls.

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It seems like there are a few ways to approach missions, but if you’re spotted and enemies are alerted, Kay can whip out her blaster pistol and shoot enemies, running and jumping over obstacles and hiding behind blockades.

When a guard with a shield attacks, Kay can change her gun’s mode to stun or focus to disarm it, before using the butt of her gun or meleeing the enemy. Nix can also be used to fetch different weapons in combat and turn the tide in a fight if you’re under pressure.

Aside from combat, the game introduces a ‘wanted’ system, shown by your choice to bribe or not bribe somebody after an exchange, as well as a reputation among factions, a classic staple of classic RPGs.

That’s everything we know about the Star Wars Outlaws release date, for more here are the best Star Wars games and all upcoming PC games this year and beyond.