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Star Wars: The Old Republic devs hiring for “new, unannounced Bioware IP”

Star Wars: The Old Republic

The studio responsible for Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware Austin, are looking to add a lead server software engineer to work on a brand new, as yet unannounced game, according to a job advertisement posted on EA’s careers page. Although the job posting itself doesn’t give too much away, the position requires candidates have adequate “expertise in designing distributed simulation systems, particularly in an MMO or similar online context.”

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Given the fact Bioware’s Austin branch boasts The Old Republic on their CV and nothing else - they did work on free-to-play Shadow Realms prior to its cancellation last year - the idea that this mysterious project could be another Star Wars game might be worth a punt. 

Then again, the vacancy could just as easily be a means of strengthening Bioware’s Canadian and American studios, with the prospective new recruit working remotely.

Either way, this marks the first official confirmation that the developers are working on, or have plans to begin working on, a new game - be that a new series or standalone title. 

Currently, Bioware’s only official upcoming game is Mass Effect: Andromeda. It emerged earlier today that Chris Schlerf, a writer on the game, left Bioware for Bungie in September.

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Dalishal avatar
Dalishal Avatar
2 Years ago

With all due respect. It is more likely they are supporting the secret IP out of the Edmonton office than another MMO. Bioware Austin produced the work on the Decent dlc for Dragon age inquisition, so remotly supporting Edmonton would not be new. SWTOR is currently being effectively relaunched and the game is frequently not mentioned in earnings calls or in the annual roll call of Bioware games. I don't see Bioware getting into the MMO game after the 200 million layout at the beginning and who knows how much layout for Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. Especially in light of the Shadow Realms cancellation.