Starbound combat update adds weapons, effects, vehicles and monsters, bound to be a star


Terraria-in-space-ish Starbound has been hanging around my peripheral gameision (it’s a word, no you shut up) since its inception as an Early Access game on Steam, fascinated by the idea of Terraria in space with lots of different planets, but not interested in getting involved until it was deemed finished. They’re making that real hard with their latest update bringing more everything to the game and showing it off in its most action-packed moments.

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Along with the various weapons, monsters and vehicles shown there, the full patch notes detail all the different changes made. It also points out that characters and saves should remain intact, but that simming new universes or exploring far out planets will be required to get the new content to generate.

Fist weapons look the coolest for sure, giving you “combo finishers” at higher tiers. You’ll be using them on new monsters in every biome, unique to them and with better animations so you can dodge with more precision. They’re included in the two different kinds of new planets, Frozen and Midnight, neither of which sound particularly friendly.

Also featured are new craftable elevators and being able to capture critters in Pokémon-style balls. The devs also mention more new items, bug fixes etcetera than they can reliably list, so if you’re a regular player get ready to notice lots of small changes. Starbound is on Steam Early Access now if you want to jump in.