Mechs and greater space exploration are on the way in Starbound’s upcoming patch

Starbound Moon

Looking to explore more of outer space, developer Chucklefish have been revealing additional information on an upcoming patch for Starbound. This patch is all about exploring the space between planets, so it will see players blasting off to check out travelling merchant ships, derelict space stations and outlying systems.

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To aid exploration in the freezing blackness of space, this update is adding giant mech suits for players to pilot. These bulky robots are designed for extra-vehicular activity, perfect to use while exploring the ruins of an abandoned space station or a spooky wrecked ship. These suits can be equipped with different weapons systems, as well as painted with custom paint jobs to personalise them. As you blast off for the deeper reaches of space, keeping your mech suit updated will be key to surviving dangerous excursions. I can only imagine what vile horrors may be lurking in the depths of some of these abandoned ships.

With this upcoming patch enacting galactic level change, interplanetary travel is getting a massive revamp with the addition of a new navigation interface. The interface does somewhat resemble the Galactic Map seen in No Man’s Sky, with astronauts being able to zoom all the way out to see nearby stars in your section of the galaxy. However, this new map is not static, as ships can linger in orbit as moons and space stations fly past. You can freely move around when you are inside a solar system, flying between different planets to spot other ships travelling round.

You could just wait and watch the worlds go by while in space, observing ships coming to and from different planets. You may have to wait around as you look for a specific merchant ship to bring their wares to your current planet, but patient space captains could be rewarded with sick loot. I imagine that ship to ship battles may also come in this update, with space pirates possibly appearing in orbit, looking to pillage nearby vessels.

There has been no exact announcement on when this cosmic update is coming, but keep your scanners locked on the Starbound website for up to date information.

Thanks Rock, Paper, Shotgun.