Plunder ancient vaults and terraform entire planets in Starbound 1.2


Starbound’s latest update lets you plunder deadly, trap-filled ruins in search of rare weapons and treasures, and even change entire planets to suit your tastes, adding a bunch of post-game update that will make you feel like a god. Check out the trailer above for a taste of what being a deity feels like.

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Once you’ve completed the main storyline in Starbound, you can now visit a mysterious trader on the Outpost and they will send you on a quest to activate and enter Ancient Gateways floating in random systems. Going through one of these takes you into on of the Ancient Vaults: procedural dungeons that will test all of your skills.

In the depths of these randomly generated, enemy-filled dungeons is some lost technology, but it will be guarded by a powerful and unpredictable procedural boss. There’s also an Ancient Anvil at the end of these dungeons, and you can use it to upgrade your legendary weapons. This is doubly handy now, since monsters have resistances and weaknesses to certain elemental damage.

Once you have the tech, you can use it to terraform, along with the new Essence currency type, transforming planets and regions into different biomes, expanding regions, replacing natural blocks, changing the plant life and more. Maybe you want to live in a desert? Well now you can, and you don’t need to go find one.

There’s plenty more in the patch notes, so hit up that link for a proper look.

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