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Teamless StarCraft player wins South Korea’s biggest league, advances to BlizzCon

ByuN StarCraft GSL code s victory

Byun Hyun Woo, known simply as ByuN in the upper echelons of StarCraft 2, has become the first player to win a major final without the backing of a team or sponsor in his home country of South Korea.

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ByuN won the Code S division of the Global StarCraft II League after defeating Kim “sOs” Yoo Jin 4-1 in Friday night’s finals, winning 40,000 Won ($34,000) and earning a straight seeding into BlizzCon’s WCS finals in November.

His countryman and opponent, sOs, is a two-time World Champion causing quite the upset inside and outside the South Korean competitive scene. The Terran army of ByuN rolled over sOs’s Protoss front lines while picking off tens of workers per game, ultimately ham-stringing the favourite’s economy and defeating him with superior micro control on the battlefield.

The end result was a total sweep for ByuN after losing the first game to the Jin Air Green Wings player, making a landmark victory for every teamless scrub with high aspirations. It could be you! But it most probably will not be.