ByuN wins StarCraft’s WCS championship two months after winning GSL without a team

ByuN StarCraft WCS win

South Korea’s Byun Hyun Woo has become the 2016 world champion at StarCraft 2 just two months after winning the biggest league in his home country without the aid of a team or sponsorship.

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ByuN, now under the Team Expert banner, won GSL Season 2 in September to put him in the WCS playoffs where he succeeded against the best players in the world to take the WCS title.

His final opponent, Park “Dark” Ryung Woo – also teamless having left SK Telecom earlier in October – is considered one of the best Zerg players in the world and took ByuN to a 4-2 best-of-seven.

In his post-finals interview, Byun said he worried at the beginning of his final game after Dark began fighting back to a 3-2 scoreline. However he thought of the Chicago Cubs’ recent landmark World Series victory – their first in 108 years – which gave him the strength to fight for victory.

“After I won GSL I told you I was not feeling confident in going to WCS, but I think that frame of mind is what helped me here,” ByuN said. “This moment today is the happiest and best moment of my StarCraft career.”

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