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D.Va to be added as StarCraft II announcer, completing the circle of life

D.Va StarCraft

Update: Blizzard have officially revealed D.Va’s introduction to SC2 – as both an icon and an announcer pack.

As predicted, Overwatch’s D.Va will make her debut in StarCraft 2 as a voice-over pack. BlizzCon will reward a player icon to those who attend the show or watch at home on the Virtual Ticket, while the announcer will be available for purchase by all at a later date.

The BlizzCon schedule and associated rumours were also revealed last week.

This info debuted in a blog post on Battle.net along with various voice lines that D.Va’s omnipresent voice will spout. They’re typically in-character with the sort of internet leet-speak nobody’s actually used since 2007 or spoken out-loud ever. Hopefully that’s part of the charm for you.

Original story:With BlizzCon just around the corner, Blizzard are just about done revealing everything they’ll be giving to players who purchase tickets. The usual raft of Diablo wings, WoW pets and Overwatch skins have been joined by one secret. The StarCraft Twitter account has been teasing something since items were shown off last week and some combination of hope and interpretation points towards D.Va – Overwatch’s young in-fiction StarCraft pro and mech pilot – getting some representation.

This pair of innocent-seeming tweets, both in reply to their original announcement of a secret reward, is what has everyone getting excited:

For the uninitiated, a bunny motif appears on much of D.Va’s in-game gear and cosmetics, while one of her more famous voice lines is shouting “winky face” for no readily discernible reason.

In total isolation, that might be dismissable as straw-grasping, but even if you set aside Blizzard’s propensity for cross-game tie-ins (D.Va’s in-universe history as a StarCraft pro, for example) there’s a couple of viable options. For one, the Thor unit would be perfect for a D.Va mech skin, though 10 of the bubblegum pink stompy one making their way across the battlefield might look a tad odd.

Perhaps more likely is the introduction of a voiceover pack using the young Korean’s voice actress, Charlet Chung. These voiceover packs are Blizzard’s latest cosmetic introduction to StarCraft 2, and thus something they’ll want to show off, and while I’m not sure what an already-stressful last-ditch defense of my mineral line needs is a teenager telling me to build more supply depots, I’d certainly try it out.

All likely to be revealed later this week, with scheduled maintenance and the likely deployment of patch 3.7 – which adds voice packs – coming on Wednesday.