Blizzard give the gift of double XP to Starcraft 2 players this holiday season

StarCraft 2: political mediator and debate-settler.

It’s the perfect excuse to spend the entirety of your time off work in front of Starcraft 2 – just put out an announcement to let players know that they’ll earn double XP from 24 Dec to 3 January, with tournaments happening every hour. I mean, your hands are basically tied. Sorry, loved ones. 

Starcraft 2 is THE strategy title to many, so it’s no surprise to see it featured in our best PC RTS games now is it?

That double XP can be earned in any game mode: “Whether you’ve wanted that sweet level 25 dance animation,” says Blizzard as if you needed any further incentive to just lock the door and get clicking until 2016, “or want to increase your commander levels in Co-op Missions, this will be a great time to play.”

You’ll also have tournaments to take part in ever hour, starting at12:00 p.m. PST and ending at midnight.

If you’re a SC2 player at all though, it’s unlikely that you’ve recently lapsed thanks to the recent Legacy of the Void expansion. Our own Ben Barrett reviewed it and praised the campaign, improvements to the spectator experience, and the new e-sports focused competitive multiplayer mode.

“It is a game for the elite,” says our Ben, “custom designed for single individuals to practice and iterate and practice and iterate until they’ve eked out every possible advantage, every timing window, every piece of trickery – only to discover their opponents have one-upped them anyway and they’re a game down.”

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