MVP are now MVP Chickenmaru after big bucks sponsorship deal

StarCraft II

MVP are one of Korea’s most respected e-sports organisations, having grown far beyond their original ambitions in StarCraft to become a prominent side in KeSPA’s Proleague. Chicken Maru is a Korean chain of restaurants and purveyor of spicy chicken in a country known for spicy chicken. Perhaps we should be asking ourselves how it is that these two avatars of the competitive spirit haven’t come together sooner?

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MVP began as a StarCraft II team five years ago, just in time for the GSL. The organisation left the eSports Federation to join KeSPA in September 2013, and have since fielded squads in League of Legends and Dota 2. In the past, they’ve been sponsored by the likes of hardware specialists Razer.

Hopefully the new sponsors will help train their partners in overcoming, ahem, Kobayashi Maru situations?