New StarCraft 2: Legacy of the Void co-op mission and commander on the way


Legacy of the Void’s oddest feature, for me, is co-op. It came somewhat out of nowhere, as something that nobody was particularly asking for, but with classic Blizzard quality is something that seems a natural fit for the game once it’s implemented. The development team had promised to expand it regularly, and that has already begun with a new commander and map being teased.

StarCraft II remains one of the best strategy games ever made.

The new commander, Karax, is the ship’s engineer from the single-player campaign. He uses lots oflaserbeams from space to destroy his enemies and has been repeatedly teaser on the official StarCraft Twitter account over the past week. Here’s the bestspace laserbeams:

Yes, good.

The new map has been more officially previewed, with an interview on Battle.netwithdesigner Greg Black about turning campaign mission Temple of Unification into a co-op called Lock & Load. He goes in-depth on what they had to change about it and other maps to make them work in co-op, as well as their general philosophies going forward with updates. There’s a definite attempt to make this more challenging than previous, requiring specific communication and coorderination from partners to defeat it.

I need to get back into a bit of this, but haven’t had the time with, you know, every other video game coming out in the last two months. How have you found it?