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StarCraft II launcher to be absorbed by Battle.net desktop app in the next few weeks

StarCraft II, in its new abode.

Like a hiveminded horde or undying demon in one of its videogames, Battle.net wants only to consume everything. Once StarCraft II’s various launchers have been subsumed by the Blizzard desktop app, every one of the company’s games will be collected in one place for the first time.

StarCraft II players can upgrade now – or be forced to adjust once a mandatory update arrives in the coming weeks.

I imagine StarCraft diehards will be persuaded soon enough. Though a chunky piece of software, the Battle.net desktop client features plenty of Steam-like functionality – including in-app installation and patching, and the ability to update Blizzard games automatically when you’re not running them if you so choose.

A single sign-in means an end to entering login credentials every time you switch between WoW and Hearthstone or Diablo and Heroes of the Storm, and users have the option of staying signed in near-permanently. The Battle.net app will only ask for a password once a month.

Besides that, there’s in-app chat and community news updates. All the good stuff most of you have probably been enjoying through one Blizz game or another for years (though I’m personally glad text chat doesn’t follow Hearthstone into the game itself).

Any of you lot play StarCraft II regularly? I hear good ladder placement needs regular tending to.