StarCraft 2 GSL streaming rights go to new broadcaster with Brood War tournament plans

Starcraft II Allied Commanders

GSL Code S is one of StarCraft 2’s most prestigious and demanding competitions, but Korean e-sports broadcasters GOM eXP will be relinquishing the rights this year. Peer-to-peer streaming service AfreecaTV will pick up GSL in 2016.

StarCraft II is one of the best strategy games on PC. Have you played the rest?

Afreeca’s CEO has announced that the new GSL will come in free 1080p HD, Team Liquid report. The company will host a new Brood War league – good news for anybody interested in the late ‘90s beginnings of Blizzard’s e-sport.

An in-studio BlizzCon tiebreaker match between (T)FanTaSy and (Z)HyuN is expected on October 6th, 18:30 KST, followed by the first Brood War match on October 28th, and then a Legacy of the Void Archon mode showmatch on November 9th. That’ll coincide with the streamed wedding ceremony of Brood War legend (T)NaDa, if you can believe that.

Archon mode offers shared-base co-op played out on one-versus-one maps. And the finished game will offer plenty more if Ben’s Legacy of the Void Jason Huck interview is anything to go by – namely Protoss player wish fulfillment.

Think you’ll watch a bit of Brood War in the coming months?