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Starcraft 2 mod Aqua League brings Rocket League to the RTS

Aqua League

RC car/football hybrid Rocket League has taken the world by absolute storm, so it’s no surprise that modding communities are already making their own homages. In development right now is Aqua League, a mod for Starcraft 2 that’s a watery take on the formula.

The developers call it a combination of “soccer, bumper cars and hockey”, and it looks about as far away from Starcraft’s RTS roots as you can possibly get. That’s the beauty of Starcraft 2’s Arcade portal of course: mods can be simple balance adjustments, or completely different genres.

The video shows the mod in action, with Rocket League’s fast-paced action replicated admirably, this time with Zerg-like creatures as players on a watery playing field.

The mod is currently still in production so not available to play just yet, but it looks like development is going pretty well.

Thanks, Destructoid.