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StarCraft 2 shows us three new commanders coming in Legacy of the Void


Following on from yesterday’s animated trailer detailing the Protoss and their motivations, Blizzard have just revealed three new commanders that are coming in Legacy of the Void’s co-op missions.

Blizzard already announced that Raynor, Kerrigan, and Artanis will be playable in the mode, but that won’t be it. Here’s the latest three commanders and what makes them tick:


Swann is a big dude with a metal crab claw for a hand. Like, mate, this is the future – why wouldn’t you have a gun or a laser sword? Who wants a metal crab hand? He’s a mechanical master of all things Terran, apparently. Using Swann gives you access to unique and advanced weaponry, which will be a bit more exciting than a metal crab hand. Beginning each game with a massive laser drill, Swann will be unable to construct a Barracks. Instead, Swann relies entirely upon his mechanical prowess, and once he’s constructed his army there is little that can stop him.


Zagara is a spiky, chitinous Zerg and playing as it will let you experience why the Zerg are referred to as the Swarm. Your economy will multiply at speed and units will be able to spawn in relentless waves. Zagara herself will be present on the battlefield, and she can call down sacs that rain damage and more Zerg creatures, or spawn potent Hunter Killers to take down priority targets. Zagara can even increase the combat prowess of all friendly units by sending them into a frenzy.


As a member of the advanced Protoss race, you will be able to harness the power of Dark Archons and use ancient technologies to perform powerful feats, like time manipulation. Stealthy abilities will allow you to manipulate the battle from above while in control of cloaked units. Basically, he’s the sneaky one.

Check out the full details on the official site.