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Watch StarCraft II pros name the game’s most overrated players

StarCraft II: a game where the pros are (mostly) polite.

Before last year’s WCS, our Rob called on StarCraft II devs Blizzard to move beyond the “bloodless intellectual exercise” they’d created and foster some big pro personalities. 

Changes made ahead of this year’s competitive season have already made the 2014 WCS more enjoyable to watch – and now Blizzard’s video squad are working to bring out some of the sport’s large characters. By, er, causing beef. Yup.

The latest episode of the WCS SoundOff sees Blizz catch some of StarCraft’s best-known names off guard with a question rarely asked on the record: “Who is the most overrated player in the game?”

Axiom’s Alicia, Team Liquid’s TLO and mYinsanity’s StarDust are the three players put on the spot here – and their answers, in Blizzard’s words, “strike a balance between awkward and tongue-in cheek”.

Yikes. I suppose we’d better ask: who do you think is StarCraft’s most overrated player?