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A Korean political candidate has released two StarCraft maps for their campaign

StarCraft Remastered

StarCraft went free earlier this week, opening up the classic RTS to a whole new audience. This went live alongside its 1.18 patch, adding Observer mode, windowed modes, and a Popular Maps function to streamline finding games or game types. 

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One of Korea’s presidential candidates is taking advantage of this renewed interest in the game, launching two custom maps and releasing them to the community for completely free.

The candidate is Moon Jae-in, a member of the Minjoo Party – Korea’s Democrats. The maps are tweaks of original creations, and they’ve been named ‘Moonsters’, because of course.

According to Dotesports, there’s a cluster of resources in one of the maps that spells out “1 Monn Jae-in”.

With the upcoming UK election, one can only hope Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn can settle their differences in a 1v1 on COD.