DreamHack Valencia recap and the best games of the weekend


Over this last weekend, DreamHack Valencia played host to some outstanding professional StarCraft 2 as Yoon “TaeJa” Young Suh took first place, and $10,000 prize, and an automatic slot in the DreamHack Winter Grand Finals.

If you missed the Valencia tournament, however, you can get caught up thanks to the replay videos available for free via Dreamhack.tv. There were some great matches you won’t want to miss, particularly an instant classic Game 1 between TaeJa and Ilyes “Stephano” Satouri on the first day of competition.

After the jump, we’ve got links to our coverage and the videos. We also highlight some matches worth checking out, with time stamps to help you find them.

Day 1

DeMusliM v. SaSe, Game 3 – Series tied, and DeMuslim is facing elimination from the tournament. Watch here, and go to 1:52:00

Stephano v. TaeJa, Game 1 – This is the game of the tournament, with an absurd back-and-forth that will nearly give you a heart attack. Zerg versus Terran as opera. Watch here, and go to 3:26:00.

The entire hour-long series is worth watching, especially Game 3 (4:12:00), but Game 1 is simply perfect.

Day 2

VortiX v. TheStC, Game 2 – VortiX looked dominant in Game 1, and TheStC is fighting to escape what looks like a certain 2-0 sweep. Watch here, 1:34:00

HerO v. TargA, Game 1 – A quick game with some surprising twists and turns and a virtuoso base assault. Watch here, 0:03:30

The Finals

TaeJa v. fOrGG – These were good finals, from fOrGG’s dominant opening to TaeJa’s incredible comeback when his back was against the wall. Watch here, where Game 1 begins at 3:06:00, and was one of the best games of the series. Game 5 was another superb battle, and starts around 4:15:00.