Eizo Starcraft II Dreamhack: the story so far


This weekend’s biggest Starcraft II tournament, the Eizo Dreamhack is still ongoing. So far, we’ve seen 128 competitors whittled down to 16 – with some major names knocked out. The action will restart from 1pm GMT – here’s where we’ve got to so far, and what to look out for this afternoon. Follow our Starcraft twitter account @Starcraft_N for more updates.

Day 1

Day one kicked off with the first of the group stages along
with stream and scheduling issues that continued
into the afternoon. All of the prime candidates
including ThorZaIN, NaNiwa, HerO, SaSe and Stephano advanced through to Ro64.

One unexpected result was that Korean player JYP was kicked out afterfalling to third place in his group
containing DIMAGA, biGs and TiTaN.

Our match of the day was Stephano vs. PuMa. Stephano confidently reassured his fans that he’s more than able to compete
with the Korean pros in a competitive environment. PuMa’s inability to spread his marines when face-to-face with infestors cost him
dearly. Stephano took the best of three with a 2 – 0 win.

Here’s the complete list of results.

Day 2

The day began with the continuation of the group stages. There weresome mind-boggling beat-downs
– Group stage three’s SaSe vs. Taeja ended in a 2 – 0 to SaSe in an
extraordinarily quick eighteen minutes.

The day’s biggest shock was ThorZaIN exit vs.
Nerchio. ThorZaIN, the previous Dreamhack champion,was required to win in order to advance to
Ro16. He GG’d quickly in the first game,then faced Nerchio onOhana as map 2. After a
barrage of fungals from the Zerg infestors, he was cornered into a second GG,
preventing him from advancing out of the group his dreams of a second Dreamhack championship title obliterated.

The final game, watched by over 40,000 viewers,featured Stephano and Huk in a largely
one-sided Zerg-fest. Game one saw Stephano overwhelm the Protoss with Roaches,
lings and Brood Lords. In game number two, Stephano reduced Huk to a
1 base Protoss vs. a 3 base max Zerg following a bad judgment call from the
Canadian, leading him into a well earned slot in Ro16.

Day 3 – Today.

Today eSports fans, is when the battle truly begins and
indeed, ends.The Ro16 match-ups look like this:

Stephano vs. Keen

Nerchio vs. Brat_OK
HerO vs. TaeJa
MaNa vs. Cytoplasm
NaNiwa vs. sLivko
DIMAGA vs. Protosser
SaSe vs. Ret
fraer vs. Harstem

It’s going to be wicked.

Follow our Starcraft twitter account @Starcraft_N for more
updates. The matches take place from 1pm GMT.