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Mvp wins SC2 Intel Extreme Masters at Gamescom


In his first ever appearance at the IEM, Mvp, a 21 year old Korean and veteran of the original Starcraft, has taken the win over Nerchio, nabbing himself the pot and demonstrating once more that Korea really does have a monopoly on high end Starcraft 2 play.

There were a few upsets in the tournament, like VortiX, an 18 year old Spanish player, taking out SuperNova with a 3:2 win, joining two other Zerg players in the semi-final. It makes me wonder whether you need the alacrity of youth to properly keep your APM up. Starcraft 2 is no place for arthritis, certainly.
Nerchio, for his part, did wipe out ViOLet in the semifinals with a tense 3:2 win, after winning decisively against MC with 3 wins to nothing. As is the way with Starcraft, some tactics just work, and some don’t, and even though he grabbed the single win against Mvp, his strategies weren’t the stronger. That’s pretty much how victory is decided in this sort of thing. The better player wins. It’s all very technical and sporty, so I wouldn’t trouble yourself with it too much.
The important thing is that Mvp is someone to watch in the future, as he’s probably going to go on to pretty great things. He is Korean, after all.