Nerchio takes first place at the Homestory Cup V


The Homestory Cup is probably Starcraft II’s silliest tournament. 32 of the best Starcraft II players gather at TaKe’s apartment to drink and play for the $25,000 prize pool. Here’s what took place over the last four days.

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Day 1

IdrA vs. BlinG

beating Bly 2 – 0, BlinG faced IdrA on Daybreak. After 5 minutes of
play, IdrA dropped a late third hatchery. Mutalisks in tow, IdrA begun a
campaign of harassment that BlinG eventually managed to push back. By
14 minutes, IdrA had a fifth base and after an attempted run-by, sent
Ultralisks, ‘lings and Banelings to BlinG’s main which killed 12 probes.
To defend, BlinG warped in a Mothership, but to no avail. GG from BlinG

two was played on Metropolis. Zerg Roaches and ‘lings killed off a few
probes and an Immortal – but this didn’t seem to shake BlinG at all.
However,after successfully forcing a cancel on a Nexus, IdrA began a
drop, costing BlinG more probes than he could spare. The Zerg began an
infestation pit after taking his fourth and engaged BlinG’s Sentries,
Stalkers and Immortals with four infestors and an army of Zerglings. The
Protoss lost the battle and GG’d

2 – 0 to IdrA

Mana vs. Sleep Six

one on Cloud Kingdom: MaNa – winner of Dreamhack Summer 2012 – took a
third base in the ninth minute followed by four gateways. Pushing out
with a Sentries, a Warp Prism and two Immortals, MaNa moved unchallenged
to Sleep’s natural. As a counter-attack, Sleep went heavy with Roaches
and lings into the natural and third of the Protoss. With impressive
Immortal micro, MaNa put an end to the Roaches, putting him ahead by
fifty supply. MaNa’s larger unit count refused to allow Sleep to control
his last base, leaving him with no choice but to GG.

two played on Daybreak saw early Infestor tech from Sleep and five
gateways from MaNa. After Blink and an added Warp Prism, MaNa’s army
rolled out to the fifth base of Sleep. The Zerg countered by attacking
the Protoss’ third. After a huge engagement outside Sleep’s natural, the
majority of MaNa’s probes fell victim to Broodlords and he GG’d after
being overwhelmed by Roaches.

three on Ohana saw a quick three base from Sleep and Twilight Council
from MaNa. Pushing up to nine gates, MaNa’s build was looking strong,
but in the face of Sleep’s Roach horde destroying his warp pylon, he
retreated and Sleep gave chase. MaNa had built up a Blink – Stalker army
with which he attacked Sleep’s Roaches. MaNa’s stalkers were met by
Infestors, Lings and Roaches, yet despite well placed forcefields, most
of his army fell. MaNa’s natural was unable to defend against infested
Terrans, resulting in his GG.

2 – 1 to Sleep

Day 2

MVP vs. Monchi

one was played on Entombed Valley. Monchi took an early third base
while MVP pumped out barracks and slipped five marines into Monchi’s
natural, killing four probes. Monchi’s robotics support bay and five
gateways were overshadowed by the 20 supply lead that MVP managed to eek
out. Even so, Monchi headed in to an attack, forcing MVP to move his
probes and lift his third. But MVP’s Vikings made short work of Monchi’s
Collosi – MvP followed it with a drop into Monchi’s natural. GG.

second game on Ohana saw MvP open with gas and rax, before walling off.
Behind the wall, MvP worked towards a Helion drop, but it was quickly
repelled by Monchi who didn’t lose a single worker.
tech: High Templars, Zealot Charge. MVP: Double upgrades, more Rax.
MvP’s wall couldn’t hold Monchi out: Monchi busted through MVP’s natural
and shortly after, MVP placed his third base, mining from two. It came
to a war of attrition: the Protoss persistently pushing on the Terran
ramp until he could break through: MVP gg’d.

the shock of losing, MVP faced Monchi on Metropolis. MVP went all out
for marine ball, and pushed on Monchi’s natural choke point – but Monchi
had an ace up his sleeve: an unscouted third.
Tech’ed up to Templar Archives, Monchi researched Zealot Charge and
Storm. MVP’s defence was strong, but not strong enough; the Protoss
broke through and gained a thirty supply lead. The workers at MVP’s
third were all but obliterated as Monchi pushed in. Unable to defend,
MVP GG’d a second time and the Protoss won 2 – 1, Monchi was now at the
top of his group.

Day 3

Yonghwa vs. Snute

hosted game one. A sixth minute Stargate from Yonghwa left Snute, who’d
picked Roach tech, reeling. Yongwha harrased with four Phoenixes, with
range upgrade, before pushing out with two Colossi, Stalkers and the
still untouched Phoenxies. Moving into Snute’s main, Yonghwa’s army was
far too strong and forced Snute to GG. Snute didn’t stand a chance.

two on Entombed Valley and Yonghwa began with a fast expansion, and
then pylon blocked Snute’s natural. Yonghwa again brought his Phoenix’s
out, but they were repelled by a clutch of Infesters. Yonghwa punched
back hard in the sixteenth minute, with a well upgraded Stalker and
Colossi army. Snute didn’t stand a chance.

Yonghwa takes it 2 – 0

Day 4 – The Finals

Nerchio vs. MC – Semifinals:

of the most surprising semi-finals at any Homestory Cup, Nerchio vs. MC
threw all in for this best of five. For game one on Daybreak Nerchio struck out with Hydralisks and Broodlords. After reaching
critical mass, the Broodlords did all the damage they needed to do to
twist MC’s arm and get him to GG.

second game on Entombed Valley was a very different affair. MC started a
four gate push using Warp Prism drops, but they didn’t quite have the
required effect – even if he did keep Nerchio’s creep spread under
control. It dissolved into a straight out slugfest at Nerchio’s fifth,
where the Zerg’s brood lords were sucked up by a Mothership vortex.
Nerchio gg’d.

three: Ohana – An Forge Fast Expand from MC saw stalkers quickly in
Nerchio’s base, with no real impact. Not having lost any drones, Nerchio
applied pressure with Roaches against MC’s eight gate. MC was on the
ropes – not even two quick collosi could save him. MC was now 2-1 down.

an addict, MC opened on Atlantis Spaceshipwith another Forge Fast Expand, plus a
robotics bay. He gambled with a two base all in, fronted by Stalkers.
The base trade was inevitable; what wasn’t was that Nerchio would be
able to destroy the Pylon and the Twilight Council. Nerchio wins 3-1.

Yonghwa vs. Nerchio finals:

vs MC was the expected final. If anyone was disappointed by the
line-up, they couldn’t have been disappointed by the show Yonghwa and
Nerchio put on.

Game one – Entombed Valley

series began with a pair of rushes: Yonghwa went straight for the FFE
while Nerchio attacked via an an eight pool. After deflecting the
Zerglings, Yonghwa headed onto Robotics tech, while Nerchio went Roach.
Yonghwa’s Phoenixes were back out for harassment, but they were wasted
minerals; doing next to no damage. What did the damage was the Colossi
tech; landing before Nerchio could morph Brood Lords. 1 – 0 to Yonghwa

Game 2 – Daybreak

again risked an early pool, similarly, MC chose the FFE. Again. After
Twilight Council for Yonghwa and Infestor tech for Nerchio, the former
chose to push out with three Colossi. Perhaps a mistake. Nerchio
defended elegantly, with fungals. At the sight of Broodlords and a
humming economy, Yonghwa GG’d

Game 3 – Cloud Kingdom

on a gateway expand, Yonghwa chanced a quick second gas and Twilight
Council. Nerchio selected Evolution Chamber and was blind to the Pylon
in his main, placed there by a stray probe. A disaster: Yonghwa warped
in three Dark Templars, killing a significant number of drones. Yonghwa
was looking very strong with Blink, more gates, Robotics tech and a +1
in the pipeline, but Nerchio was equally aggressive with a
Roach/Infester army. Reinforcing his third with Spine Crawlers, Nerchio
saw off an attach from Yonghwa and countered by going for a two pronged
attack on the Protoss’ natural and third. Yonghwa was too far behind. He

Game 4 – Antigua Shipyard

to pool and forge in game four. Nerchio blocked Yonghwa’s natural with a
Hatchery and then switched to an Evolution Chamber. Yonghwa picked Void
Ray, Stargate and +1 Weapons and then pushed with a Stalker and Void
Ray force. Nerchio’s earlier Roach Warren proved too much for the
Protoss force, and Yonghwa to GG’d for a third time. Nerchio only needed
one more win.

Game 5 – Ohana

nervous Yonghwa opened this game with his last Forge Fast Expansion.
Four gates on a two base, followed by a Twilight Council. Nerchio was
ready though; the early attack fell to a strong defense, and the Zerg
aggressively counter-attacked. It was simply too much: Nerchio took the
game, the series, and the Homestory Cup.

If you want to watch all the action, follow this link to get all of the VODs

We’re willing to bet that alcohol played a role in the surprising results table: