StarCraft 2 Iron Squid tournament in Paris sees Life come out on top


Of the four finalists at Iron Squid on Saturday, only Terran MarineKingPrime was fighting non-swarm. Zerg colours were flying even before a gauntlet was thrown or a PC booted up. And so it proved til the end: it was a Zerg v Zerg battle between MVP.DongRaeGu and StarTale.Life which eventually saw Life emerge as victor. But not without a struggle.

As it happened, MKP was comfortably beaten by NesTea for the tournament’s third place.

Life may have been favourite to win, but MVP had the Korean acquainted with the proverbial ropes with an early 3-0 lead. Life fought tirelessly against his opponent’s three-point advantage, however, and managed to equalise the score.

“If Life holds this rush he’s a God,” tweeted commentator Thomas Kilian. And, to paraphrase Caligula, he’s a god now.

“Life is the big winner ! GG,” declared Iron Squid from their official Twitter account.

“Life is the one everybody expects to win,” wrote the tournament organisers on their blog before the finals. “But Soulkey has proven that his ZvZ was not bullet proof. The crowd will probably favor MKP for not being Zerg and NesTea for making it back to Paris in spite of having to play PartinG in the Round of 16.

“It really looks like the professor Tea has a plan for Iron Squid and even if the odds are against him, he will surely be ready for whatever comes to him. NesTea has always had trouble in ZvT, therefore he might be rooting for Life to win and finally hold an international trophy, thanks to the outstanding ZvZ that helped him to build his legend.”

Did you watch Life’s ascension on Saturday? How was it?