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Starcraft 2 progamer Stephano declines Millennium contract; likely signing with Evil Geniuses


Starcraft 2 progamer team Millennium have announced that Ilyes “Stephano” Satouri, North American Star League Season 3 Champion, has declined to renew his contract come September. Rumours, sources, whispers, and tapped phone calls suggest he is to sign with the Evil Geniuses, who are said to have outbid Millennium’s renewal offer.

Gamespot havereceivedconfirmation from Millennium’s manager Jean-Marc “Bjoran” Gaudin that indeed Stephano has said he’s leaving the team.

If Stephano does in fact move to join Evil Geniuses, he will be their third large signing of this year, joiningMarcus “ThorZaIN” Eklöf and Conan “Suppy” Liu.

Though it won’t be the first time that Stephano has made the decisionto move away from Millenium. In 2011, just one day after joiningcompLexity, Stephano broke his contract and returned to Millenium, incurring a substantial fine.