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StarCraft 2 Project Blackstone files released for public eyes


Back earlier in the year around the launch of Heart of the Swarm, something strange was going on in the depths of Blizzard’s website. Something called Project Blackstone appeared, but required a password to access. Finally, what was going on behind closed doors has been revealed to public eyes, as the files for Blackstone have been declassified.

I should probably point out about now that Blackstone isn’t a new game, but an in-universe story about Mengsk and his experiments on Zerg and Protoss. The story is told through a variety of logs, notes and Twitter conversations (apparently the social network is still very popular in the year 2505, at least among Dominion science teams). All 41 logs have now been ‘declassified’ by the Dominion and are now available for public viewing. In other words: Blizzard have made the whole story available on the Blackstone website, no password needed.

If you’d rather not play along and search through the Twitter feeds of the entire science team, you can read a concise summary of the events on the StarCraft Wiki. But where’s the fun in that, eh?