StarCraft 2 sale sees half off Wings of Liberty in anticipation of Heart of the Swarm release


Blizzard’s strict management of StarCraft 2 has meant that in the two and half years since its release Wings of Liberty has barely dropped in price. This, of course, makes their limited time offer particularly deletable; from now till the 11 March, the day before the release of Heart of the Swarm, Wings of Liberty is seeing a 50% sale, bringing its price down to $20.

I’ve selfishly hidden the details of how to access the deal below the break.

Polygon spotted this blog post over on which links to the newly discounted Blizzard store copy of StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty.

If you were to miss this deal on Blizzard’s site it’s worth noting that Amazon have been selling Wings of Liberty at £17 for a while now.

Considering this post feels a little on the light side I feel I should add something of substance and meaning to bulk it out a tad. Pun World Championships 1995: