StarCraft II legend Lee ‘MarineKing’ Jung leaves for League of Legends

Starcraft 2 Team Liquid Lee Jung

Cor. I can’t imagine many StarCraft II fans are still worried about the stagnation of their eSport after a WCS as explosive as this year’s, but this – well, it doesn’t help. Mr Jung, a terrific Terran player from South Korea, has left professional StarCraft to take up a similar role in Prime’s League of Legends squad.

Jung has been a model for micromanagement since his debut in 2010’s GSL Open Season 2, and won two MLG tournaments in a row early last year. Admire the frequency and conviction of his clicks in the tribute video below:

In their translation of anInven report,Team Liquidwrote that MarineKing has always had an interested in LoL, and is currently ranked Diamond in-game after three months of preparation for the pro scene.

“I will never forget my fans that cheered me on for years,” said Jung. “I will show a brand new form with that in mind. I did change professions but I will make sure to put on that fiery performance that my fans love on the LoL stage also.

“I plan on officially starting my LoL career through the upcoming winter qualifiers so I hope a lot of people will cheer me on for that. I hope a lot of people will tune in to and support our newly released teams, Optimus Prime, and Sentinel Prime.”

Prime’s team supervisor Gerrard acknowledged that there will be “a lot of anticipation” around Jung’s debut, given his history, but didn’t seem overly worried.

“I expect MarineKing to become a great player in no time at all,” he said. “He’s lived the life of a professional gamer for quite some time now so I’m sure he’ll have an influence on his amateur teammates as well.”

Nonetheless, his contributions to the StarCraft scene will be missed, and I imagine he’ll pull some dedicated fans over to the MOBA with him.