Starcraft II patch 1.5 will require players to migrate to new streaming-enabled client, and comes with a warning from Blizzard


Starcraft II patch 1.5 is coming, and with it streamed downloads for faster patching in the future. That means migrating to a new version of the client. Which is fine. But once you’ve started, warn Blizzard, you must not cancel the process.

The emphasis is ours, but it’s all for the worthy cause of correct patch installation. After first downloading a small tools patch, a box will appear in the Starcraft client prompting players to install the new version.

This process can take “anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or so”, say Blizzard, but shouldn’t be cancelled as doing so can lead to ominous “issues”. Following that, players will be able to bask in the advantages of streamed patching and begin playing 1.5 before it’s even finished installing. Truly, tomorrow’s world today.

Elsewhere, 1.5 will be responsible for the new Arcade, improvements to the Starcraft editor, and blocking .mpq mods.

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