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Starcraft to scale drawing - things are a little bigger than they may at first seem


A dedicated Starcraft fan, Xiaorobear, has drawn out scale representations of many of the units available in the game. It’s always cool to see this sort of thing but I hadn’t realised quite how badly Starcraft suffers from poorly disguised stunt double till I saw the chart.

You can see the full imagehere(it’s big, far too big for this page, so consider your browserwarned).

This is the project in a nutshell:“So, here’s my project of all the Starcraft units to real-world scale with each other. Take some of it with a grain of salt (i.e., don’t expect measurements to be accurate down to the foot, because that foot could just mean that the proportions of my drawing are off), but it’s as good as I could make it based on all available information (new HotS cinematics may alter some of my estimates when they come out).”

What I mean by stunt doubles is you know when there’s a shot of someone doing a stunt who clearly isn’t the actor they’re meant to be, there’s a disparity between the story scene and the action scene. Well, look at that graph, look at the difference in unit scale – you don’t see that in the game. Xiorobear explains this “The pre-rendered cinematics are my ultimate reference, they’re done in a completely realistic style, and a couple dozen units have actually appeared in the cinematics together: mutalisks, battlecruisers, marines, zerglings, lots of things.” The stunt double in this case is the difference in the range of size between units in cinematics and in the game.

I mean, just look at this mothership in the game compared to the one in Xiaorobear’s image: