Stay in with Starcraft II’s Arcade Holiday Marathon

Starcraft II's Arcade Holiday Marathon

Unless you live down south, the holiday season is probably a cold and bleak time for you, where sleet and snow and drunk family members keep you stuck indoors. Blizzard understands this, presumably, which is why its hosting The Holiday Arcade Marathon on Friday, December 20 from 10AM to 10PM PST. 

The Blizzard Community Team will be messing around online all day, and “special guests” from the Starcraft community will be popping in for shenanigans. A full schedule of events will be posted near the end of the week.

On top of this day of Arcade fun, Blizzard are giving folk an early Christmas present in the form of free Arcade games via the Starcraft II Starter Edition, before the whole thing goes free with the launch of the next content patch. Community members will be able to choose what games Blizzard flags as free, with the announced list being revealed at the end of Friday.