Stephano blitzes French Starcraft II Nationals


IIyes ‘Stephano’ Satouri has cruised through the World Championship Series France Nationals to take his place in Blizzard’s international Starcraft II tournament. The French Zerg purred through his ten games, taking every single map en route.

It was clear from the outset that this Zerg had a venomous bite. Last year Stephano placed first in two major championships: The IGN Pro League season four and the Electronic Sports World Cup. This year, he battled to Ro4 at Dreamhack Summer 2012 and comfortably took third place at MLG Spring Arena 2, coming in behind viOLet and Symbol – two of the best Korean players.

It’s not difficult then, to see how the Team Millenium superstar obliterated the competition.

When the results are laid out like this, it’s hard not to be impressed:

Stephano 2 – 0 MiNiMaTh
Stephano 2 – 0 Adelscott
Stephano 2 – 0 KleeneX
Stephano 2 – 0 Dayshi – Winners’ final
Stephano 2 – 0 Dayshi – Grand final

Mr. Satouri made off with $6,000 in prize money to add to his already impressive winnings. Actually, Stephano is the highest earning competitive player outside of Korea and ninth in the world, his earnings now totalling $129,595.

Ziktomini – also a Zerg – recently took the the top spot in the WCS UK Nationals. But if the two champs meet at the European Championships in September where a $60,000 prize pool is at stake, the Brit will have a serious challenge on his hands.

Here’s Stephano crushing his team mate, Millenium AdelScott, at the nationals – in French: