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Sugar rush: GSTL StarCraft 2 pros play on ludicrous strawberry-strewn map


GOMTV have 10 weeks of pool matches ahead of them before the winter playoffs for Global StarCraft 2 2013 Team League Season 2 get underway. In fact, they really ought to be starting right about… oh. Tuesday. They started on Tuesday.

The organisers unveiled this season’s map pool over the weekend. A couple of choices stood out from the mostly-sensible seven picked: the first, a recreation of Haeundae Beach in Busan, South Korea. The second, a unique reskin effort named Fruitland. It’s bonkers.

“The map is decorated with delicious fruits. That’s all you need to know!,” wrote GOMTV. “Just kidding.”

They’re not kidding about the window-dressing style produce, though. Lime juice waterfalls, naturally-occuring strawberry formations and watermelon lakes abound. Lemons near the centre of the map can be broken apart and harvested for 500 minerals each, respawning five minutes after squeezing.

“The battles will be chaotic and the players will try to collect their lemon slices and deny their opponents,” said GOMTV.


This isn’t the first time modder Semmo’s Fruitland has seen competitive use. It was picked earlier this year for both the 2013 Ritmix RSL gNations and 2013 Ritmix Russian StarCraft 2 League Season 5.

What’s the silliest map you’ve seen serious sport played on?

Thanks, Kotaku.