Stardew Valley player introduces gladiatorial combat to the chill farming sim

This Stardew Valley mod adds an arena mode with monsters and prizes

A Stardew Valley player enters into combat with mobs

Stardew Valley is a chill game about farming and learning to grow within your limits. It’s only natural, then, that a modder adds a pinch of chaos every now and then. We once reported on a mod that adds a horde mode with homicidal scarecrows, but the most recent fan-made addition to catch our eye is more about arena-based combat.

XxHarvzBackxX’s Arena Challenges mod introduces a new location where you can go to defeat monsters for rewards – are you not entertained? The challenges range in difficulty but you’ll be rewarded for your time and effort.

The modder explains that you can find the arena by heading to a door in the mines. Once you enter, you’ll be brought to a lobby of sorts. There you’ll see a chap at a desk who will whisk you away to the arena after asking a slew of questions. If you complete the challenge, you’ll get a reward that’s proportional to the difficulty you selected. The modder doesn’t give much away about what prizes are on offer, though they’re “very valuable”.

If you’d like to give the mod a whirl, you can find it over on Nexus Mods alongside some nifty download instructions – as ever, mod with caution.

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