New Celtic-inspired game is like a mystical Stardew Valley

Drova offers players a whimsical Celtic tale set within a brutal open world in which they will face nature, priests, spirits, and more.

Screenshot from the upcoming game Drova showing three men around a campfire

I honestly do not find myself getting too excited about new indie games too often anymore. However, Just2D’s Drova has definitely caught my eye and I am incredibly intrigued by both its Stardew Valley-like pixel qualities as well as its sheer originality. Drova is set to marry the dark grim tones of an action RPG with the vibrancy of Celtic mythology, offering players a vast open world in which they can make a variety of decisions while unraveling a mystery.

As someone invested in Celtic mythology and obsessed with adorable pixel art, Drova speaks directly to my soul. It is set to release in 2024, bringing a world inhabited by priests and spirits alike. There are two factions within the grim landscape, and we will be able to choose which one we align better with. One is trying to enslave the spirits of nature in Drova while the other aims to save those spirits and keep the world thriving.

I am so ready to pick the latter option myself, as I want to know and see more of said spirits. As a self-proclaimed fairy enthusiast, I hope Drova allows me to live out all of my druid-y dreams. The developer has also stated that the game will not be an easy experience, despite its Stardew-reminiscent looks. “Will you be able to survive in a world which will always try to kill you?” Leave it to me to side with the faction who probably hates me!

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Despite the harsh conditions, where bandits and other things that go bump in the forest are looking to ambush you, the game genuinely seems atmospheric and aesthetically pleasing. Drova is also set to run rampant with magical abilities and mysteries for players to uncover. Hopefully any qualities familiar to Soulslike games are not too abundant and I can travel about the world as magical mystic. I just want to live out my forest fairy days, damn it!

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