Stardew Valley Expanded update adds new maps, new events, and lets you marry the wizard

There's all kinds of new stuff in Stardew Valley Expanded 1.13, but mostly I just wanna marry the wizard

Stardew Valley Expanded has quickly shot up our list of the best Stardew Valley mods, and with good reason – it’s basically a massive expansion for the game that adds piles of new content to help recapture that original feeling of discovery. Now, Expanded is getting its own major updates, with even more new features to enjoy.

The 1.13 update for Stardew Valley Expanded adds five new maps, 21 new character events, a new character, new potions and forageables, and new fish to catch over at Ginger Island. It also adds a new “late game magical questline”, and makes the wizard a marriage candidate with loads of new portraits, sprites, and dialogue options.

You can get the full list of changes for 1.13 over on Reddit, or download the mod directly on Nexus Mods. If you’re already playing with Stardew Valley Expanded, you should be able to use your same save file with the new update, but if you’re jumping in for the first time, you’ll need to start up a new farm.

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