Stardew Valley meets Fable in new medieval life game

An upcoming fantasy simulation game called Mirthwood is stealing our Stardew Valley loving hearts with its familiar farming game charm.

Screenshot of farmer against grassy backdrop from upcoming game Mirthwood

If you are a fan of farming games like Stardew Valley, then upcoming indie fantasy experience Mirthwood may just be the perfect thing for you to look forward to. This cozy game does not yet have an officia release date just yet, and is set to be developer Bad Ridge Games’ first go in the industry.

Set in my favorite era to experience in-game, the Middle Ages, Mirthwood will take players on a unique journey marked by ancient ruins, a growing homestead, and supernatural woodland beasts. The fantasy game is also inclusive of fan-favorite Stardew Valley elements, from farming to romance.

Players will start their journeys in the titular town of Mirthwood following an escape from their war-stricken home. They will then need to work to thrive within the mysterious new town, tending to the land and exploring the world beyond. Between battling, crafting, foraging, trading, and questing, Mirthwood offers players plenty of things to do.

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Mirthwood is set to launch some time in early 2024 and can be wishlisted now on Steam by players interested in experiencing a more fantasy-oriented life simulation game. As someone interested in both cozy gaming experiences and fantasy role-playing ones, I cannot wait to see the creatures of Mirthwood first-hand and socialize with locals.

Choices will be central to Mirthwood’s gameplay, as the game’s press release notes that “those with wanderlust may elect to navigate through treacherous forests, explore ancient ruins, and battle against formidable creatures to uncover the land’s hidden treasures” whereas players who “long for the simple life of settling down” can focus on farming or raising animals.

While you wait for more news on the magical Mirthwood like I currently am, be sure to check out some other games like Stardew Valley to keep you farming spirits high. You can also browse around a few of our favorite life games to scratch that simulation itch. We know it’s strong, trust us.