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This Stardew Valley mod lets you donate fish to an aquarium, Animal Crossing style

Capturing fish at a new beach location to grow an aquarium sounds lovely to us

Fishing is one of Stardew Valley‘s purest joys and one of the more chill things you can spend your time doing while playing Concerned Ape’s tranquil farming sim. That’s why this Stardew Valley mod immediately caught my eye.

The Stardew Aquarium mod brings a new museum to the valley that you can help restore to its former glory by donating fish. The more fish you give away, the more the appearance of the aquarium changes as it becomes filled with aquatic life. If you’ve played Animal Crossing, it’s very similar to giving the fish you capture to Blathers and watching the aquarium section of his museum grow in return. You can donate fish as part of a long-term quest to restore Stardew Valley’s community centre, but you don’t get the benefit of seeing an aquarium come to life.

Once you download the mod, you can reach the aquarium by going to the train station. The mod adds other things to do, as well. You can take a trip to a new beach to stock up on fishing supplies or buy ice cream – It’s also an excellent place to spend some time fishing.

If you’d like to download the Stardew Valley mod yourself, you can find the page over on Nexus Mods. There’s other handy information there, too, such as how to download it. The mod creator also explains that you can mod other fish into the game and donate them to your aquarium, too.

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