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Big Stardew Valley mod overhauls artisanal activities and resources

This Stardew Valley mod integrates loads of new artisan machines and goods, giving you even more to make and sell in the farming game.

Stardew Valley mod artisan: a pixelated portrait of a redheaded woman

With Stardew Valley 1.6 finally upon us and Haunted Chocolatier a distant dream for now, I’m always looking for ways to enhance my pixelated farming experience. Changes to Pelican Town are best when they feel like natural extensions of the base game, and I’ve got something that fits the bill perfectly for you. If you think Stardew is lacking in artisan aesthetics, that’s about to change.

Part of the wider ‘Cornucopia’ series bringing plenty of Stardew Valley mods to 1.6, ‘Artisan Machines’ aims to overhaul all the artisan mechanisms and goods in the farming game. Reimagining another mod, you’ll get ten new artisan machines, more than 80 new artisan goods for both vanilla and mod machines, four new special orders and events, and balance with vanilla in mind.

‘MizuJakkaru’ and ‘6480’ bring the original artisan mod forward, giving you even more creativity in Stardew Valley. If you combine it with some of the other Cornucopia mods you’ll get even more crops to use with the machines as well. New artisanal equipment includes a butter churn, yogurt jar, drying rack, wax barrel, alembic, deluxe smoker, and more.

Stardew valley mod artisan: a look at some of the mod's new tools

There are new quests and cutscenes, plant-based milks to make, and lots of new resources to make with all the equipment as well. Basically, if you’ve been looking to expand the foods and products you can make in Stardew Valley, this artisan mod is for you. With Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone working hard on Haunted Chocolatier, these mods keep adding more and more to the game, even if Barone might one day come out with the mythical 1.7 update.

You’ll find the Artisan Machines mod for Stardew Valley right here, alongside some of the other mods in the Cornucopia series here as well.

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