The Froggy Chair Among Us Stardew Valley mod is an unlikely combo

The Stardew Valley mod adds a Froggy Chair to the game, along with a cute Among Us table to spice up your starter house, and it's pretty amazing

When you first arrive down on the farm, your digs are hardly anything to write home about, but a new Stardew Valley mod injects a bit of fun into the tiny surroundings. Stardew modder CommiEgg made the Froggy Chair and Among Us Table mod that adds… well, a Froggy Chair and Among Us Table, replacing the original drab chair and basic farm table in your starter house. Considering how long it takes before you can afford better furnishings, let alone a bigger house to fit them in, it’s quite a fun way to feel at home before you can really make the shack your own.

It was surely just a matter of time before the Froggy Chair wound up in Stardew Valley, given the unexpected rise of its popularity. There’s a surprising lack of Among Us mods in the life sim so far, outside one that adds the ghost of your dead grandpa in the game with an Among Us character portrait, because why not, and one that turns Gus into a crewmate, which seems oddly appropriate somehow.

Stardew Valley might be over half a decade old, but the mod scene is still going strong – and the procession of mods is only likely to gain even more volume in the coming months. Stardew’s creator Eric Barone said the next update is a modder-friendly update, designed to make modding the game even easier with a new set of tools.

Then there’s the Solid Foundations project. This is both a framework and an ongoing effort to augment everything from processor capacity to adding an event theater. It’s all very useful, but the best Stardew Valley mods also include some just-for-fun creations, like the ice cream truck mod that adds a splash of flavor to every afternoon and a brand-new NPC to get to know.