Stardew Valley mod brings witchy scarecrows in time for Halloween

A new Stardew Valley mod gets players into the Halloween spirit with its witchy scarecrows, turning vanilla scarecrows into spooky seasonal decor

New Stardew Valley mod brings witchy scarecrows in time for Halloween: A spooky Halloween scene from Stardew Valley.

Stardew players who want to turn their farms into centrepieces for the spooky season can look no further than a new Stardew Valley mod called IdaIda’s Witchy Scarecrows. The mod, which debuted just in time for Halloween, turns the farming game‘s ‘vanilla’ scarecrows into much more ornate decorations that players can use to add seasonal flair — while still keeping birds away from their crops.

The mod replaces all the game’s scarecrows with a “new whimsigoth aesthetic” and is perfect for adding some spooky spirit into your Stardew experience. IdaIda’s art style reflects traditional Halloween imagery, celestial representation via the sun and moon, and other, spookier figures such as the Eye of Providence, usually represented by an eye in a triangle. The Eye of Providence is said to represent divine providence, signifying the eye of God that watches over humanity.

Together, these upgraded scarecrows provide an atmospheric ambience to the chilled-out pixel RPG.

“All the sprites in this mod are drawn by me or repurposed vanilla sprites that are recoloured,” the description from IdaIda reads.

The mod, released on September 29, presently has 32 endorsements and 1400 unique downloads. A string of comments shows players sharing how much they’ve enjoyed incorporating the unique scarecrows into their worlds and includes compliments on the artist’s style and requests for more witchy-themed mods in the future.

This mod isn’t IdaIda’s first spooky-themed mod. The creator also developed Idalda’s Seasonal Gothic Buildings to introduce a gothic aesthetic to buildings throughout Stardew Valley farms. That mod updates all farm buildings and cabins, and they also change throughout the seasons.

If these two mods aren’t enough for you to get your seasonal Stardew fix, there are plenty of other Halloween-inspired options out there. For example, you can accessorise your pets with spooky dog costumes or spooky cat costumes, or turn your default pet into a giant jack-o-lantern with a Halloween pet replacement mod. There’s also a mod specifically dedicated to Halloween decorations, plus a highly-rated spooky wallpaper and flooring mod.

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