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This Stardew Valley mod adds a horde mode with homicidal scarecrows

Fight off enemies between the hours of 9:00 - 18:00, and spend the rest of the time preparing your defences

Stardew Valley is a tranquil farming sim that teaches you the values of self-care and accomplishing goals at a rate that works for you. Forget all that, though, because here’s a mod that turns the chill PC game into a fight for survival.

The way Aedenthorn’s Murdercrows Stardew Valley mod works is simple. Hordes of ghouls will attack your farm between the hours of 9:00 to 18:00 in-game time. To defend yourself and your property, you can plant scarecrows to fight them off. Normal scarecrows are the least powerful as they shoot rocks, rarecrows shoot directional fire, whereas deluxe scarecrows lob “some green blob-looking thing”. The modder has also added gold scarecrows that shoot “better” green blob-looking things and iridium scarecrows that hurl long, chaotic fire – the modder assures this is cool-looking.

If the horde of enemies invades your farm, they’ll destroy everything, basically, from your crops to your murdercrows – so it’s best to knock them off first. If this sounds like your kind of thing, then you can find the mod and instructions on how to download it over on Nexus Mods.

If you’re looking for more options to spice up your farm, then you can check out our best Stardew Valley mods list. Some mods change your scarecrow’s appearance – like this Studio Ghibli one – but I don’t know if that would combine with the murdercrow mod.

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