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Stardew Valley mod helps you stay cool with your own ice cream truck

The Stardew Valley mod 'Daphne’s buildable ice cream truck' lets the custom NPC set up shop on your farm and helps players beat the heat in the life sim game

Stardew Valley mod - Daphne's ice cream truck

With summer rapidly arriving for many of us, any respite from the increasing heat is welcome – and now you and your Stardew villagers can stay cool with this Stardew Valley mod that lets you build your own classic-style ice cream truck in the farming game.

The Daphne’s buildable ice cream truck mod, created by Stardew Valley ‘aesthetic mods’ creator Abi Wabi, does exactly what it says on the tin, letting you place the truck anywhere on your farm. You can choose between pink, blue, and green variants of the truck, which also features its own unique NPC, the titular Daphne. Once the truck has been built, Daphne will send the player a letter, which begins a small event that introduces her.

The ice cream truck requires a few other mods to be installed first, including Solid Foundations and the Shop Tile Framework – the latter of which allows the truck to function as a shop. Ice cream is already a part of Stardew Valley by default, being purchasable from Alex’s stall during summer, but having convenient access to it right on your farm is an adorable and welcome touch.

While Stardew Valley is blissfully free from the real-life woes of dealing with hot weather, a nice ice cream is always welcome. The truck even has its own unique design especially for the winter months, although the shop itself shuts down during the snowy season.

What you choose to do once you have your ice cream is up to you. Perhaps you could visit Stardew Valley’s movie theatre for a showing of Shrek, or invite the local NPCs to visit your house and sample the frozen treats for themselves. If you’re looking to branch out and try other games in a similar mould, the Coral Island release date was recently announced, and it’s looking like a must-try for fans of life sim games that have had their fill of Stardew.